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Prophet Brian Carn Warning Going Out Listen Up Repent

I've to share my considerations of their state of the cathedral today that I find really worrying. Some of you might or might not be conscious of a tv-program called Preachers of Atlanta where a pastor profess to spread condoms and cigarettes in church in a hope to attract prostitutes and worldly people to the chapel. The situation with that is, must it not be the "Nature of the Very Most Large" that pulls people to the church?. Prophet Mark Carn spoke on a video named Prophet John Carn Echoes On handing out cigarettes and condoms in church on this same matter. This video can be found for those planning to hear this meaning that I found relational, to express minimal While on Prophet Brian Carn's subject on facebook,. There seems to be talk on social tools recommending he's estimated a word for word prophecy from a known Psychic Cheryl Lynn. Again I wish to stress the idea that whenever the saints get to a point of placing our Leaders and prophets along and exposing them to take what I believe can be a direct concept from God and saying he's consumed this concept from the psychic, I believe it is worrying that this might even be discussed and also have our exclusive affairs spoke for the entire earth to determine, hear and read. If these dirty laundry is being broadcast in public areas, if the earth sees this happening in the body of Christ then may we attract the planet to The Body. We already have many adverse labels placed on us simply for stating that we are pursuing Christ. Nevertheless now we've preachers of Atlanta, and Pastors claiming to make use of condoms and cigarettes to attract the entire world to the church. Wake up Gents and Ladies of God.


I think, Prophet Brian Carn is an anointed person of God, and he'd not be utilizing a psychic for his predictions he shares using the body of Jesus, and additional more like a body of Christ if we have or assume we've a concern having a buddy/cousin or boss, we ought to first head to that brother or sibling first. Please read: Matthew 18: 15 If your buddy or cousin sins, proceed and mention their mistake, simply between your both of you. You have acquired them around when they tune in to you. Now I am aware Prophet John Carn might not have sinned right to everyone of you but this scripture can be utilized while in the same wording. Before we go around and suppose he doesn't hear from God for his Predictions, possibly we have to enter contact with him first, and if not resolved or clarification has be settled, then we must consider acquiring it up having a head who is in touch with him. NOT the Entire World.

Thus in summary, we have to take responsibility The world is seeking a judging people by our actions.